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Buying Bitcoin and crypto currency just got easier

Take the guesswork out of visiting a BitPOS ATM. With our handy locator we'll show you where the ATM is, if its online, and exactly what the location looks like from the street.

Experts in Bitcoin and Blockchain payment technology

Keeping Your Costs Down Saving You Money

At only 1% per transaction, every time a customer chooses Bitcoin or Blockchain over traditional payment methods, you save money. If you choose settlement in Bitcoin, each time BitPOS settles with you, an alert in your bitcoin wallet will let you know. With Bitcoin and Blockchain, your bank is in your pocket.

Easy Invoicing

Using the BitPOS merchant portal you can send invoices to your customers and are alerted the minute it's paid!

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Fast Payments

You can serve your customers quickly, focusing on great service. Bitcoin and Blockchain payments are fast.

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Dollars or Bitcoin

You can choose Bitcoin, dollars or a combination of both when BitPOS settles with you.

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Online Solutions

Using Blockchain payments, you can reach a truly global customer base without worrying about expensive transaction fees, hidden foreign exchange fees, or nasty chargebacks. You can sell your wares to any country on the planet and sleep safe in the knowledge that you'll be paid. When it's Blockchain, it's final.


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