You can easily send invoices by email and get notified when payment is complete.

Ecommerce solutions

You dont need to worry about dealing with merchant bank accounts using BitPOS, just plug us in.

Global Reach

Online or in a shop, bitcoin offers you the opportunity to tap a truely global market.

How it works

Why choose BitPOS?

Deep Experience

BitPOS understands what you need. We have a deep understanding of bitcoin in Australia from the bitcoin price, to bitcoin acceptance.

We know what you want and how to do it well. CONNECT WITH BITPOS

Fast Invoicing

You can invoice your customers locally, nationally and globally using BitPOS Invoice. It takes just seconds to create an invoice and email it to your customers.

Bitcoin payments are quick. REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS TODAY

Cost Effective

At just 1%, your bottom line will feel the difference compared to traditional payment methods. You dont have to pay any equipment rental, monthly or any other costs using BitPOS.

Affect your bottom line NOW!

Your Money is Safe using BitPOS

If you experience chargebacks or people running out on their tabs, worry no more! Bitcoin payments are final and irreversible. You can be 100% sure every sale you make will turn up in your bank account, unable to be reversed.


Who is BitPOS?

BitPOS broke ground in 2013 with the first pub in Australia permanently accepting bitcoin.

Growing from that, we have continued to hone and develop our technology and processes to ensure your business is safe with us.

"We dont believe in sitting still, we're continually striving to incorporate and develop industry best practise." -Jason Williams, Co-Founder

With continual improvement and a great team of professionals, BitPOS is Australia's leading and most experienced bitcoin merchant services platform.

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