Who we are

We are a passionate team and want everyone to use Bitcoin. Why? Because Bitcoin is the future of money. Accepting a new form of payment has never been easier.

BitPOS started because there was no one doing this in Australia and we dearly wanted to buy regular every-day things with our bitcoins. We've developed a system that takes away all the hassle for shop owners and chain-stores alike. We've since become experts in merchant remittance.

All you need to get going is a tablet, phone or computer connected to the internet, BitPOS takes care of everything else. Using the BitPOS touchpad you type in the sale amount. Your customer scans a code and the payment is made, it's just that simple.

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Jason Williams

“I wanted to have a team lunch and pay in bitcoins, there was nothing about the Sydney area so I needed to do something to fix that.”

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Alex Taylor
Founder / Lead Developer

“Bitcoin is such an amazing technology, the protocol has so much potential. Its exciting to be a part of something that will change the world.”

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Matt Allen
Founder / Business Admin

“We're living in the future! The Bitcoin payment protocol is already changing the game, and the game just got interesting.”

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Million Bitcoins

Thousand transactions daily

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What we do

We take the pain away, we make it easy for your business to accept bitcoin. Experience is something we have. Excellence is something we strive for and perfection is something we achieve. The little things matter to us.
Point of Sale

We are Australias premier, and most experienced Bitcoin merchant services provider. Through our experience we've developed a system that is simple and easy to use. You provide the internet and leave the rest up to us.


Working with our partners we've become experts at turning your bitcoin sales into your local currency. The amount you take over the till is sent to you the next day. There is nothing for you to do other than give us your bank details.

affiliate program

Dont own a business but love Bitcoin and have a passion for sales? We love passionate people and want to share our success with you. Join our affiliate program and help make bitcoin available everywhere.

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BitPOS is proud not only to call these businesses
partners but also friends.

Bitcoin is like cash, but better. You can use it on the internet, you can transfer it easily between friends, its electronic money, its money 2.0.



Since BitPOS started, not only has Jason captured the attention of the local media, but BitPOS has become the retail face of Bitcoin world-wide.



If you own a shop, are passionate about sales, or believe in our vision enough to invest, drop us a line.

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